To find the best real estate in Portugal according to your needs and desires aligned with your lifestyle or business opportunities
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You send the request to find the real estate in Portugal, describing your needs and desires
We prepare the list of properties according to your request and we establish the live or online viewings for the ones, that you like
You choose and we close the deal. All legal support, documents check and the process is on us
You can also sell your property in Portugal with our support
Finding you a real estate in Portugal or working on your design project, we create design of lifestyle in harmony, balance and clear positive mind through the space functionality and aesthetic perception.

Creating thoughtful spaces with individual approach according to the desired lifestyle and expected feelings of the space, reaching essential and aesthetic objectives.

Based in Lisbon. Real Estate in Portugal. Design worldwide.
Eugenia Zaitseva
Real Estate Agent | Interior & Landscape Designer
"My purpose is to design lifestyle in harmony and balance, upgrading the quality of life through the space functionality and aesthetic perseption."

Eugenia started her Interior & Landscape design agency in 2015 after getting her education in European Design School. More than 100 projects were completed from the idea to realisation since that time across the Europe. Among the variety of projects there are residential and commercial properties, houses, hotels, restaurants, apartments, beach bars, beauty salons and more. All the projects, she works on are carefully thought out in terms of functionality and designed with the style, considering clients individuality. Nowadays, InsideoOut is based in Lisbon and provides real estate services, interior and landscape design in Cascais, Lisbon, Sintra, Ericeira, Caparica, Troia, Comporta, Setubal, Sessimbra, Obidos and across the whole Europe, as well.
There are design projects by InsideOut in UK, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and more. Feel free to contact and discuss your project.
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